when you shoot the ball with the aim to score (regardless of whether you score or not)


when the ball goes in the cage


when you throw a pass that results in a goal— a pass to Set leading to a Set goal is an assist — wet pass (lands in the water instead of being caught) on a counter attack to an open player leading to a goal


when the other team either takes the ball from you or when you make a pass that results in the other team taking the ball


when the referee excludes you from playing for 20 seconds — athletes are only allowed 3 per game before being removed from play for the rest of the game

earned exclusion

the person guarding you gets excluded because of something you did or something they did wrong


when someone tries to shoot the ball and you prevent it from going into the goal — even if it’s a deflection, it counts — it’s only not a block if the ball makes it into the goal


when you take the ball from the opponent or see the opponent making a pass and intercept the pass — if a player helps at Set and takes the ball, that is also a steal