Tony Azevedo Elite 6-8 Sports Academy for Girls  

-6 month comprehensive program for serious and promising high school female athletes from outside of Southern CA

-January - June 2020 (can extend into July for JOs), Long Beach, CA

-Arrival Date: January 5, 2020

What’s Included:

  • Stay in 3 bedroom house walking distance from Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool (5 girls total)

  • Morning trainings at the Belmont Olympic Pool with Tony, 2x Olympian & 2x Gold Medalist Kami Craig and/or former Olympic Coach Ricardo Azevedo

  • Afternoon gym sessions with Tony’s longtime Olympic trainer Ken Schroeder

  • Monthly gym membership at the Olympix Gym (next to the Belmont Pool)

  • Evening practices with a local water polo club

  • Extra water polo clinics, activities and special programs

What’s NOT Included:

  • Education aspect (please see the “Academic Options” section at the bottom of this page for our suggestions)

  • Meals

  • Transportation (girls should be able to walk to pool & gym for all activities)

Notes for January Schedule

Monday- Friday the girls will have 2 hour morning trainings at the Belmont Plaza Olympic pool with Tony, Kami, Ricardo Azevedo or other guest coach

For the 5 weekends before girl’s club season starts up, athletes will be encouraged to watch women’s water polo games (high school and college). When there are no games, Tony will schedule a Saturday training with him or Ricardo. This will be a tough foundation period for the girls: lots of swimming, legs, gym, fundamentals. Tony want to make sure they have the base to grow upon during the season. Masters tournaments will also take place on certain nights.

Weeknights (Mon-Fri):
The girls will participate in Tony’s shooting school or private session with Tony. 2 days per week the girls will train with the Wilson HS team and other nights the girls will join masters practices. They will also be invited to watch the Women’s National Team train.

Notes for February Schedule

For the first half of February the schedule will be the same as January. Some weeknights the girls will watch the Women’s National Team semis and finals with Tony. Club season begins in the second half of February and the girls will then start officially training with their club team. 

Mid-February through June

During this time period, the schedule will normalize. Girls will continue with the 2 hour morning trainings at the Belmont Pool, afternoon gym sessions with Ken Schroeder (or on their own), and evening practices with their local club. 

Notes & Extras:

Gym training sessions at Olympix with Ken Schroeder will take place in the early evenings before club practices. Kenny will decide how many trainings to run each week (based on his assessments of the girls in January).

The girls will also join Tony for weekly or bi-weekly sessions at the TOCA Training Center in Costa Mesa. Tony and Maggie Steffens have worked with the TOCA CEO for the last year to design a water polo specific ball and on-land training program using the TOCA technology. Read more about TOCA here:

Watch our 6-8 TOCA Promo

The girls will be invited to join any clinic, event or special programs that Tony runs, including the Italy Spring Break trip (not included in Academy fee)

Dr. Karen Bloch and Ken Schroeder will be the two official injury preventions specialists and doctors for the duration of the program. 

Academic Options: 

Check out the programs offered by Laurel Springs, a fully accredited private online school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade, offering challenging academic programs that honor each child’s individual learning style and educational needs:

Download the Laurel Springs Brochure