App Features


Athlete Profiles

  • Register as an official user and be assigned a unique 6-8 ID

  • Create one or more athlete profiles within your Account Profile

  • Update your athlete profiles with personal information, game scores/history and 6-8 Challenge results


Game Scoring

  • Create and score games in real time: track goals, fouls, earned ejections and more

  • Save multiple games and view overall results in your profile

  • View data analytics like shooting percentage, playing time & your personal 6-8 Performance Indicator


6-8 Challenge

  • Learn about each 6-8 Challenge drill and what skill it measures

  • Watch videos of Tony and Olympian goalie Michael Zellmer completing all drills in the Video Training section

  • Understand your results, view your local/global rankings & see your progression over time

  • Follow our 3 level video training program for each skill, track your progress and earn completion badges


Video Training

  • Access a comprehensive video training program conceptualized by and featuring Tony, Maggie & guest stars

  • Video categories include shooting, passing, center drills, dry land, gym, goalies, defense and more

  • Unlock specific video training series including the PowerFlex cord and Tony’s personal gym and dry land workouts


Bonus Training

  • unlock extra video training packages for a one-time fee

  • packages include PowerFlex cord, dry land shoulder series, gym shoulder series with more coming soon



  • purchase 6-8 equipment directly through the App

  • when you buy any item used in a training series the package will be automatically unlocked for FREE