6-8 For Coaches, Teams, Club & Federations


We are expanding our program and beginning to form official partnerships in cities and regions around the world.

Learn more about what our program can offer coaches, teams, clubs and even federations:

Game Desk App

Multi-athlete scoring platform (in the form of an iPad App) that coaches can use to officially score games (replaces pen and paper or other scoring methods)

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6-8 Assessor

This is an electronic platform for collecting 6-8 Challenge results (now still done with pen and paper and inputted into a google spreadsheet-- then uploaded to our database). The Assessor feature will be part of the same iPad App as the Game Desk

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6-8 Athlete Reports

Comprehensive follow-up written report for coaches with color coded 6-8 Challenge results, athlete rankings, feedback and training suggestions based on data/results. Download Sample 6-8 Athlete Report

6-8 Challenge Certified Coach

Coaches who pass through our official 6-8 Challenge Coach Certification process can upload 6-8 Challenge data directly into our Foundry database to populate individual athlete mobile App profiles (with rankings). Certified coaches can run the Challenge at any event or clinic around the world and also certify other coaches.

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6-8 Challenge Uncertified Coach

Any coach can purchase the 6-8 Challenge Kit and follow our Webinar & Online Manual to learn how to use the equipment. Non- certified coaches can still send us 6-8 Challenge data, which will populate individual athlete profiles but not influence rankings or benchmarks. Uncertified coaches can also request 6-8 Athlete Reports


How can the 6-8 Program help your team?

  • Test your athletes' fundamental water polo skills through standardized data collection with the 6-8 Assessor (allows for consistency)

  • Provide your athletes with core water polo exercises and track their progress by age group, gender and region (currently playing games is the only way to measure performance, but losing by 10 goals doesn’t necessarily mean anything)

  • Identify athlete characteristics and trends from unsuccessful teams vs successful teams

  • Follow up with specific drills to work on identified weaknesses and re-evaluate performance

  • Use as a tool to create efficient training programs vs. excessive training programs

  • Provide quantifiable motivation for your athletes (regardless of level)

  • Use the 6-8 Kit & tools for multiple purposes on a daily basis