6-8 For Coaches

Data is omnipresent in our daily lives. Schools measure success through grades and standardized test scores. Swimming tracks specific stroke time and pool length. Football and baseball systematically collect and compare statistics nationwide. 

Water polo has fallen behind. We don’t have a way to provide our athletes with data that will motivate them to work on specific skills and get excited about competing amongst themselves. 

A few water polo coaches use the “beep test”, swim sets or leg sets. But there is no standardized data collection that allows for relevant comparison between water polo athletes around the world.

The 6-8 Program changes that. Learn more about how system & technology can help your team achieve real success. 


How can the 6-8 Program help your team?

  • Test your athletes' fundamental water polo skills through standardized data collection (allows for consistency)

  • Provide your athletes with core water polo exercises and track their progress by age group, gender and region (currently playing games is the only way to measure performance, but losing by 10 goals doesn’t necessarily mean anything)

  • Identify athlete characteristics and trends from unsuccessful teams vs successful teams

  • Follow up with specific drills to work on identified weaknesses and re-evaluate performance

  • Use as a tool to create efficient training programs vs. excessive training programs

  • Provide quantifiable motivation for your athletes (regardless of level)

  • Use the 6-8 Kit & tools for multiple purposes on a daily basis


6-8 Coach Certification Coming Soon