6-8 Challenge

Measure your Strengths

8 water polo specific drills designed to properly teach and improve the most crucial fundamentals of the sport.

1. Radar Gun

Shows the speed of an athlete’s shot. An extremely fast shot demonstrates promise if the participant also scores high on other drills.

2. Vertical Jump Test

Demonstrates how high an athlete can jump out of the water. Also gauges leg explosion, strength and the potential to shoot, block or steal the ball in a game situation


3. 2-Buoy Drill

One of the most important drills in the sport. Better players use a minimum number of strokes and mostly utilize leg

4. Obstacle Course

Demonstrates an athlete’s ability to move laterally over the hips. Also tests comfort level swimming with the ball. One can be fast in water polo, but the ability to zig zag stop and go with the ball is more relevant


5. Medicine Ball Hold

Tests an athlete’s pure leg strength. Clarifies when a participant doesn’t spread their legs wide enough or when leg strength is low

6. 12.5 Meter Sprint

Shows how fast/quick an athlete is at water polo swimming. Explosiveness over the hips is needed to get open on a counter attack or drive


7. Passing Drill

A quick time means either great hands or great body positioning. A slower time means bad positioning, bad hands or the athlete is young

8. Accuracy Shooting

Coming Soon…


6-8 Challenge Kit

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