6-8 College Recruiting Program 

with 5x Olympian & Silver Medalist Tony Azevedo
2x Olympian & 2x Gold Medalist Maggie Steffens
January - June 2020

Watlicam Filming

  • 30 min session filming specific drills (directed by Tony or Maggie)

  • Athlete will receive all videos for viewing and/or download

  • Tony or Maggie will provide detailed written feedback on each drill and consult on which ones (and how) to share with coaches

*please see below for athletes that are not local 

6-8 Challenge 

  • Athlete must pass through the 6-8 Challenge skill assessment

  • Tony or Maggie will personally review results and consult on specific training to improve weaknesses

**please see below for athletes that are not local 

Video Breakdown

  • 2x per month athlete will send game video to Tony or Maggie

  • Tony or Maggie will watch/review footage and provide detailed written and/or verbal feedback

Skype/FaceTime Calls

  • Athlete will have two 20 min Skype or FaceTime calls with Tony or Maggie per month

  • These calls will be used to review progress on above feedback sessions, help prepare for competition, consult on college or topic of athlete’s choice

College Preparation

  • Together, the athlete and Tony/Maggie will prepare a list of schools that the athlete is interested in— Tony/Maggie will provide their feedback and suggestions

  • Tony/Maggie will consult on what needs to be done, what these colleges are looking for and how to best make an impression

Clinics & Programs

  • Athlete will receive free entrance into any 6-8 clinic, excluding the Winter/Summer Academies & Spring/Summer Team Training Programs

  • Tony or Maggie will provide feedback on athlete’s performance at any clinic or program attended

Above program is monthly from January - June 2020. In July, athlete will have one final 30 min Skype or FaceTime call with Tony or Maggie to review everything and prepare for Junior Olympics

For Non-Local Athletes (not based in CA or unable to come to CA at any point during program)

*The purpose of the Watlicam filming is for Tony/Maggie to evaluate your fundamental technique. If you are unable to get filmed with the Walicam (because of your location), Tony/Maggie will send you the drills to complete and you will have to find someone to film you underwater with a Go Pro or other waterproof camera

**For athletes that are not able to pass through the 6-8 Challenge (because you live overseas or there is no 6-8 clinic on the calendar in your city/region), Tony/Maggie will send you a series of slightly modified drills that you can complete on your own (will need someone to time you and record your results). Tony/Maggie will be able to provide you with the same training consultation 


-Athletes should be between the ages of 15 and 17 

-Program has a duration of 6 months (January - June + July bonus call); program can be renewed after expiration 

-Total cost will be provided by emailing sara@azevedowaterpolo.com