The 6-8 Coaching Certification will involve the following process:

1. Coach must be a subscribed 6-8 mobile App user and understand the App

2. Coach (or team) must purchase 6-8 equipment Kit

2. Coach must carefully watch 6-8 Webinar & read Manual

3. Coach must watch 6-8 Challenge videos on mobile App

4. Coach completes online quiz and scores above 95%

5. Coach sets up Challenge & runs a group of athletes through it (in front of Tony or Maggie). Process involves:

  • setup

  • communicating to helpers/volunteers

  • explaining process to athletes

  • understanding and communicating the electronic input process

  • execution

6. Coach sends in data from 2-3 Challenges (not including in-person test Challenge) for review by Tony and/or Maggie to determine if data is being collected/entered correctly

7. Final Review with Tony and/or Maggie to determine if Coach is ready to be officially certified by 6-8 Sports