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Do you want to maximize your water polo game or team performance?

6-8 is a youth athlete performance analytics company created by Olympians Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens. 

Athletes can:

  • Score games in real time and recognize important trends in play

  • Access Personal Training Videos by Azevedo/Steffens: review the fundamentals and master skill-specific technique

  • Compare scores from the first ever water polo 6-8 Challenge to those from athletes around the world; view local/global rankings & unique 6-8 Performance indicators

  • Unlock Bonus Video Training Packages & purchase 6-8 equipment

Coaches can:

  • Score multiple-athlete games in real time using the Game Desk App

  • Login to secure profiles on the 6-8 data management system to analyze athlete data & playing trends

  • Use the 6-8 System as a constant evaluation of progress across key physical strength, agility & fundamental skills in order to create the most effective training methods

  • Gain a competitive edge by using 6-8 to perfect collective athlete development & foster more meaningful long-term relationships with athletes & parents